Monday, April 03, 2006


Wow, I can't believe it took me a week to finish Puzzle 17 of the Linguist List Lexicon Game! Anyway, I was kinda slow it seems...but at least "neither the last nor the faintest were we" as the song goes. It really felt like someone at the Linguist List was mocking me today...I finally deciphered the cryptogram that is Puzzle 17 this morning, and was on tenterhooks all day waiting to get home and put in the answer...and the server was down for a couple of hours. Talk about great timing!

If you're stuck on #17, big hints can be found here. I'm kinda glad I didn't see the hints before I solved it though :-) Of course, now I'm kicking myself I didn't solve it sooner. I got a lot of Perl practice in trying to solve it, too. Learnt all about hashes and everything.

Anarchic hand syndrome

MindHacks points to an article in The Psychologist [html|pdf] about anarchic hand syndrome. Far Side readers will of course recognise this as being Stuart's problem:
(Cartoon from The Far Side by Gary Larson)

Really, the range of neurological syndromes is quite fascinating. I love reading Oliver Sacks and Ramachandran et al - just as fascinating is the light that these neurological disorders throw on the workings of the brain.