Friday, March 31, 2006

Time scale modification, part 3: the $0 version (again)

For more background:

Time scale modification for language learning purposes - the $29.95 version
Time scale modification - the $0 version

I just figured out that you don't have to pay $29.95 and buy Enounce to do time scale modification inside Windows Media Player - it comes straight built into WMP. This means that you can speed up or slow down the playing speed of an audio file without having to go into Audacity and repeatedly save the file with different settings. This is how you activate it:

1. When playing a file, click on the 'Now Playing' tab. This brings you to a visualisation of the file being played. Of course, you might have 'No visualisation' selected, in which case you will have a screen that's about 3/4 black, with your 'Now Playing' list on the right hand side and player controls on the bottom.

2. Just beneath the 'Now Playing' tab, there's a small button with three lines and a down arrow. Click this, then select Enhancements > Show Enhancements. This brings up a little window above the player controls.

3. Click on the right or left buttons in that little window, until you get to 'Play Speed Settings'. This is where you can speed up or slow down the player to your heart's delight.

Wow, I wish I had figured this out before. There are other enhancements you can play around with, such as turning on the WOW effects. This makes classical music sound grander and more echo-y (as far as I can tell). It's a nice effect, especially with headphones.


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I didn't know that. Thanks for sharing :)

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