Thursday, March 17, 2005

"Linguistics" in book covers

Check this out: the word linguistics spelt out in book covers that contain the word "linguistics". Brought to you by amaztype, using Amazon Web Services. You put in a keyword (either in the title or author) and tell it to generate, and book covers will start appearing, gradually forming the shape of the keyword you input. (Unfortunately, they don't seem to stop generating, so don't wait for it to finish - it'll just paste the same book covers in over and over again. Also, it makes an annoying sound when you click on the link.)

You can play a geeky (dorky? nerdy?) game with it, trying to identify the publishers of the books (or, if you're feeling eagle-eyed enough, the books themselves). I saw a few Blackwell Handbooks, MIT Press and CUP ones, some from the CILT series, and spotted a few books like Linguistics at Work and the Oxford Dictionary of Linguistics.


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