Monday, February 14, 2005

Where in the world have I been?

Thought this was kind of neat: a map showing what countries and cities I've visited. It's a zoomable Flash file, so zoom on in and out as you like. Green countries are ones I've visited. Blue cities/towns are ones that I've called "home" for one reason or another. Orangey-red means cities I've visited more than once or for a week or more. Yellow indicates I've only spent days there and don't really know them all that well.

I made this map using this software by Social Design Notes (thanks guys!) Was pointed there by WorldChanging. Basically, I took one of their already-created XML datafiles and modified it by inputting latitude and longitude coordinates for the cities I'd visited. A bit time-consuming, but pretty easy. There are websites where you input what countries or states you've been to and thus generate a map, but this software allows you a bit more flexibility. You can put Timbuktu in the middle of the Atlantic if you want to. And you even draw lines indicating a round-the-world trip! Neat!


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