Friday, September 17, 2004

Library LookUp redux - success!

I was complaining a few weeks ago about not being able to use the LibraryLookup bookmarklet on my local (= national = Singaporean) library system's catalogue, which uses Carlweb as its OPAC system. Well, someone smarter than me (Ian Olsen-Clark at Notes From The Box Factory - thanks Ian!) managed to find a way to get Carlweb to cooperate. I've modified his Java code slightly so you can use it to search the Singapore library system's catalogue from any webpage containing an ISBN number such as Amazon's ( might work better for some of the books). And its works!!! Oh frabjous day, hurrah, hurray!

Unfortunately, performance isn't so great. With IE6, it takes about 10-15 seconds, while with Mozilla, it seems to take even longer. But I think this is an artifact of Vistaweb (the NLB catalogue) - it takes quite a long time even when searching directly from the site.

Here is the link (click and drag to your Links toolbar (in IE) or Personal toolbar (in Mozilla) and pretend that you trust me, then when you're on any page with an ISBN in the URL just click on the button (called NLB Library Look-up - but you can rename it) and it will look it up in NLB. Note that it will just open in the same window.

NLB Library Look-Up


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