Friday, September 17, 2004

Library Lookup P.P.S.

What I had to do to convert it -

(1) change the URL of the website, in my case to
(2) change the number after cw_cgi? to 10100 (from the original 10002)
(3) change the database (after use_Database) from 735 to 3002.

I don't know whether both (2) and (3) were necessary - I'm too lazy to experiment to find out. I did need to change (at least one of) them, though, otherwise it wouldn't work. How I found these numbers? The intermediate webpage when loading CARLweb (the page that says: "Loading CARLweb3.8.7.2; one moment please...." or similar) has the URL, and that's where I got the numbers. Probably there are other numbers that work too, but somehow 10100 and 735 didn't work for me.


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