Thursday, August 05, 2004

Statement of purpose

I anticipate this blog being a collection of ideas, thoughts and notes, mostly about linguistics and cognitive science, but also on books, digital libraries and publishing, mathematics (especially cryptography and graph theory), research, public transportation, etc., etc. As you can tell, I have a fairly eclectic set of interests, and see myself as a bridge between typical left-hemisphere and right-hemisphere interests.

Ironically, I don't really subscribe too much to the strict left-brain/right-brain division. Most behaviours, especially something like language, are so incredibly complex that I think they must activate parts of both hemispheres. So you can't say that language is a left-brain phenomenon, because it harnesses the powers of the right-brain too. But anyway, I'm only just embarking on my study of neuroscience, so I'll not harp on too much more about things I don't know about here.


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