Friday, August 06, 2004

Maps of the London tube

- The official Underground tube maps from Transport for London.
- History of the Tube map (TFL). Don't forget to check out the Flash presentation showing the 1933 map morphing into the present-day one.
- The geographically correct Tube map (very, very large). (Via London Underground, which is in itself a hilarious and highly recommended site.)
- Compare subway systems of the world (including the Tube), presented at the same scale.
- Tube Walklines, showing you when it's quicker to walk between stations than to take the Tube. Remember the famous example in Bill Bryson's Notes from a small island, Bank and Mansion House, which are 200 yards apart but require travelling two lines and six stations to get from one to the other.
- A couple of maps of the Tube, translated into (fake) German and (real) German (via Boing Boing)
- Map of the projected London Underground in 2016, with plenty of new lines.

And, in a new discovery, the following site is probably THE directory for maps of the London underground: Mapper's Delight: the London Underground diagrams. Unfortunately they don't have a link to any track maps, which I'm looking for, and that I KNOW exist.


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