Thursday, August 26, 2004

Interesting links from the past week

How linguists prove that all odds are prime (David Mortensen's website) - really, really hilarious.

Cold fusion back from the dead? (IEEE Spectrum, via Slashdot) Scientists are re-evaluating the long-held and entrenched view that cold fusion is junk science, with more and more confirmations rolling in of the Fleischmann-Pons effect.

ET should write, not call (CNN) Basically, broadcasting radio messages all over the galaxy is expensive; hard-copy is better, especially for long messages.

Humans context-free, monkeys finite-state? Apparently not. (Language Log) - earlier this year, Hauser and Fitch claimed that an experiment they had run showed that monkeys could not master grammars generated at the phrase-structure level, only a finite-state level. Now there's a new paper by Perruchet and Rey that rebuts this claim.

WordCount - tracking the way we use language. An innovative display of the Zipfian relationship between frequency and rank in the English language.

How conservatives use language to dominate politics (UC Berkeley News) - an interview with linguist George Lakoff. Really, truly worth a read. Update: a follow-up interview, with more recent news.


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